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Treasure Hunt for Microsoft Teams

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 together with your colleagues in a playful way

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What this project is about

The Treasure Hunt Power App is a game for the simple and playful development of skills and knowledge in the use of Microsoft 365.

With the help of especially developed learning paths, embedded in topic-related stories, the user is introduced to the effective use of the various solutions in Microsoft 365 with the help of challenges as well as the underlying learning content, all in the spirit of the gamification approach.

Special emphasis was put on the simplest possible installation procedure, so that users without administrative rights are able to use the application with the least possible licensing requirements.

The technical basis is based on the three components Microsoft Teams as the runtime environment, SharePoint Lists as the place of data storage and Microsoft Power Apps for the creation of the application and the user interface itself.


Learning As A Team

Solve tasks together and learn how to use Microsoft 365 in a fun way.

Easy Deployment For Everyone

With a few simple steps you can install the solution even without administrative rights.

Easily Create Your Own Content

Simply edit SharePoint lists to modify existing layers or even create new ones.


Of course, the application is multilingual and you can easily add new language variants at any time simply by editing the SharePoint list entries.

Viewer Mode

Define one team member as the game leader and let this person control the gameplay while everyone works together to find the answers.

Flexible By Design

You want to change the complete design of a game? Just create your own new images and background graphics and use them in your very own game design.

Easy To Use

What you need are just two things: access to Microsoft Teams, and the ability to use Microsoft Power Apps. So you're not only equipped to learn as you play, but you can also easily set up Treasure Hunt for yourself and your colleagues.


Collaborative Learning Included

You will not only learn how to use Microsoft 365 while solving the challenges, but you will also get the most important insights and information about further learning content for each challenge.


Become A Game Changer

Change the course of the game. Develop your own challenges or even create your own game. Since all the content is stored in simple SharePoint lists, it's easy for you to change it and adapt it to your needs. Be creative.


Thoughts on the project from the team members

The Gamification Element

The initial idea was to teach how to use Microsoft 365 in a playful way. We started with a PDF version of the Treasure Hunt, where we combined all the different elements of a Gamification approach.
The vision grew fast and with this Power App solution, we can now engage the users even more.

Viktoria Bjarnhoff Strobl

Viktoria Bjarnhoff Strobl

Project Treasure Hunt

The power of Microsoft 365

Treasure Hunt is a great example of the power and flexibility of M365 features when combined.
Microsoft Teams, Power Apps and Microsoft Lists merge into a game-changing learning solution
for everyone.

Judith Thea Schmitz

Judith Thea Schmitz

Customer Success Manager

Business values meet fun learning

Having fun supports the learning process. When developing the story around the "Treasure Hunt Pirates", we placed particular emphasis not only on the textual elaboration of the story, but also on the visual language and dramaturgy.

Sorina Becheru

Sorina Becheru

Senior Consultant
netmedianer GmbH

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